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Why play Stronghold Legends? For those unfamiliar with the genre, Legends is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) / Castle Builder. You play against one or more computer opponents, unless you are playing on a network, where you can play against other live opponents. The theme of the game is a sort of middle ages battlefield setup. It's sort of like a super advanced version of chess.
My first impression of the game was that it reminded of one of those battle scene models that you might build on a 4'x8' sheet of plywood, with the landscape and the little soldiers and everything - only here the soldiers actually work and fight! And being the 'Legends' edition of Stronghold, your available lords are characters like King Arthur, Vlad, Merlin, etc.

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204.08 K


Arthur 4
Won something for doing all 4 and
Body Count - 50K enemy kills during entire game.

4 Max additional profiles, not including the Default Profie.
5 Profiles total.

Import a backup User Profile (Character).

Backup includes:
*Profile name*/ folder

Options/Create New Character and enter a name that is the same as backed-up character (use the folder name).
Quit Legends, and move the backup into the newly created profile folder. You will overwrite the new config.dat and stats.dat files.
Re-start Legends.

P Key pause game
S, W, A or D Key scroll around the map
Arrow Keys scroll around the map
Mouse Wheel Up or Down zoom in or out of map
R or F Key zoom in or out of map
Middle Mouse Button + Mouse Move rotate map
Q or E Key rotate map
Mouse Wheel or R Key rotate buildings
Space Bar top down view
Tab Key interface panel
NumPad + or - adjust game speed
Alt + Q Key screenshot
K Key keep
G Key granary
B Key barracks
N Key legendary troops
M Key market
J Key siege camp
NumPad . cycle estates
L Key locate your lord
Shift + L Key cycle through all lords
Ctrl + 0-9 Key group troops
0-9 Key locate group
Shift Key + Left Mouse Button set multiple waypoints
Ctrl + Alt + 0-9 Key bookmark locations
Alt + 0-9 Key locate bookmarked location
Left Mouse Button select unit
Shift Key + Left Mouse Button select multiple units
Left Mouse Button (twice on unit) select all visible units of that type
Left Mouse Button (twice on troop) select all units of the same type on screen
Z Key select single thickness of wall
X Key select double thickness of wall
C Key select triple thiness of wall
V Key or Middle Mouse Button linked walls
Enter Key multiplayer chat
F1-F12 Key multiplayer taunt

easter eggs

easter egg names

341. These load after the dragon's roar.. Greetings *character-name.
You just enter the regular name. The game adds lord and lady.
If you're name isn't available, it just says 'Welcome my liege'.

Any name beginning with Al, that doesn't use an existing Al name gets 'Greetings Al.'
Try Alakazam.

lady allison
lady amy
lady andrea
lady anna
lady annabelle
lady anne
lady anne-marie
lady aver
lady beth
lady betty

177 captain random
194 lord spiderman

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