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Round 4: Advanced Reverse

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Stage 37: KUDRAM

Neo Nectaris Map 37 KUDRAMFun. Good map. There are many ways to play this overpopulated map.

Stage 38: ALEBRA

Neo Nectaris Map 38 ALEBRASmall, fun, very tricky. This might be the toughest map in the game. You can't let Axis get to South Central Factory first or cut you off from Base. At least in the PCE version, I beat this in 4 attempts. Though, I think there might have been some AI changes in the iOS version, as it took me a while to develop a plan that worked reliably and didn't require lucky rolls.


iOS Plan

T1: From Factory: Make a diagonal pattern, Bison at 12:00, Hadrian at 2:00, Kilroy toward the center Factory at 3:00.
T2: Hadrian to Base, Bison attack Lynx to your 2:00, Kilroy toward Factory downward at your 4:00 creating 3-points of a square with your units.
T3: Take Factory, Polar out at 10:00, Grizzly out at 8:00, Rabbit out at 6:00, Move Bison above Grizzly to create a 3-tank column, Hadrian attack Lynx.
T4: Move the 3 tanks up 1 space, Use discretion on Bison attack, Rabbit down to 8:00, Move Kilroy out to replace Grizzly at 8:00 creating a taller column, Polar out to 6:00.
T5: Hadrian attack Charlie, Recapture Factory, Push upward from Factory. 9-17 Turns.

Stage 39: ORSUHK


Stage 40: HAFFAS


Stage 41: ICIDEM

Exercise in patience. Long.

Stage 42: SETROC


Stage 43: ADAMRA


Stage 44: TLAZOM


Stage 45: SREIHT

Big map

Stage 46: RERHUF

Capture S Factory. T3: Capture Bio Factory. T6: Capture N Bio Factory. T8: Capture Central Factory. 9 Turns.

Stage 47: EORNOM


Stage 48: TNEVDA

T1: Charlie out Factory to east. Load Pelican. Bird out. Kilroy to N Factory. Buggies [Rabbit and Lynx?] on S road to S Factory. T2: Drop Kilroy at W Central Factory. Advance Charlie towards Pelican. T3: Capture W Central Factory. Load Charlie to Pelican. Inject bird deep in enemy territory as decoy. T4: Drop Charlie to protected position near E Central Factory out of range of Atlas. T31: Capture S Factory. T36 Capture E Bio Factory. 43 Turns.
T1: Get right out of Factory, drop Pelican two right of upper Kilroy and board. Advance Rabbit and Lynx on lower map. T2: Advance Pelican to left of bridge [?] 30%, Bio unit will not attack.

Same ending

End action automatically returns to stage 1

Mon, 2016/07/18 - 9:20pm
Round 4: Advanced Reverse