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Round 2: Advanced

Advanced Maps

Stage 13: MARDUK

T3: Capture Factory. 10 Turns.

Stage 14: ARBELA

T1: Charlie down to 20% terrain. T4: Defensive retreat. 19 Turns.

Stage 15: KHUSRO

T2: Capture W Factory. Teknik to Pelican. T3: Drop Teknik at E Factory. T4: Capture E Factory. 15 Turns.

Stage 16: SAFFAH

Fun, New Unit. T1: Teknik N to Factory. Surround Tek with Lynx and Falcon. Falcon out of range of Hawkeye. Seeker to defend Mule. 21 Turns. 2 resets.
Eagle attach Shrug. Capture S Factory.
N Charlie to N Factory on High ground. Try a full defensive next time.
No. Lost - i

Stage 17: MEDICI

Fun, New Unit. T2: Capture S Factory. Retreat to Base. 14 Turns.

Stage 18: CORTES

New Unit BT-91. T1: Teknik to N Factory. Kilroy to S Factory. T3: Capture N Factory. 15 Turns. No. Lost = i.

Stage 19: ARMADA

Won using Lynx, Hadrian, and Teknik on enemy base. 33 Turns.

Stage 20: MOZALT

T3: Capture S Factory. 43 Turns.

Stage 21: THIERS

T1: Rabbit to S Factory. T3: Capture Central factory. T6: Capture N Factory. T7: Recapture Cantral Factory. 24 Turns.
T3: Capture Central factory. T6: Capture S Factory. T9: Capture N Factory.

Stage 22: FUHRER

T1: Cycle to lower facotry. Load Teknic to Pelican, T2: Cycle take lower factory. Drop Teknic at intersection at center-left factory, the trick is to drop the Pelican in a valid lift location. Don't go for the right-center fectory. Best: 55:50.

Try a partial defensive, keep tekkie above equator. Retreat all the way to base and lose main factory. don't worry about saving ground units. Way outnumbered, you have to drop a ground unit at his base.

Which central factory to capture? The first, going for the second is tough.

T1: Always put Airtrigger under Bio Spider. Cycle east. Rabbit to south factory. Tfir2: Rabbit attack Kilroy from high ground than reposition to road. Drop Teknik at intersetion at left-center factory,. T4 Capture left-center factory, Atlas out top.


T1: Krazee Trigger and Grizzly surround attack Gaadin + Polar + Rabbit. Panther to Polar. Hawkeye defend Trigger. Bird S to road to block Kilroy. Pelican out E side of Factory, load Teknik. T2: Capture W. Central Factory. Atlas out SW. Keep Lynx and Seeker near Base. Drop Teknik W of Central Factory. T3: Move Teknik to mountain W of Factory and begin to surround. T4: Panther to SW Factory. T5: Capture SW Factory. 10 Turns. No. Lost = v.

Stage 23: MONROE

T1 Pelican to E Central Factory. T2: Capture E Central Factory. T4: Pelican to W Central Factory. T6: Capture to W Central Factory. Charlie to Pelican. T8: Capture N Factory. 32 Turns.

Reset = i

Stage 24: ADVENT

T1: Panther out to E. Load Charlie to Pelican. T2: Drop Pelican near central Bio Factory out of range of crawler. Panther and Kilroy N. T3: Drop Charlie at Bio Factory. T4: Capture central Bio Factory. Stuff N central factory with bird and Pelican. T5: Capture SW Factory. Sacrifice Charlie. T7: Drop Kilroy at S Bio Factory both on low ground. T8: Capture S Bio Factory. 44 Turns.

T1: Panther out to E. Load Charlie to Pelican. T2: Drop Charlie near centralBio Factory. Panther and Kilroy N.

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Round 2: Advanced