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Scorpio Shrine

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Room 29

Solomon's Key Room 29

No Fireball: Hold right as the screen starts, immediately run right dropping to the floor behind the left Goblin. Running to the center of the screen perform a stalled jump to allow the coming Goblin to pass underneath you as you grab the Seal @ H-11. Drop the Gargoyle from the right side of it's platform. Bell.

Room 30

Solomon's Key Room 30

No Fireball: Drop to the right, collecting as many coins as you can. Bell. Collect the jewels along the right side, and especially the jewel at M-4. Get the Key by removing the stone under the mirror at O-2, and making a stone beneath it at O-3. Expose the Mighty Coin @ H-2. Plug the Demonsheads by placing Stones at O-3 & N-3. Medicine of Mappros. Perform the Tip Toe technique to pass the Red Timer on your way back up. Use the same method to go up the left side. Mighty Coin.

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Room 31

Solomon's Key Room 31

3rd Million

No Fireball: Drop the I-9 Burn down by one stone. Recover the Griffon at H-8 Get the Key and Full Jug at I-1. Plug the right side Demonsheads by making stones at 3-N and O. Cross to left side under the White Stone at H-9. Bell. The Gold Wing ia available @ O-12.

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Room 32

Solomon's Key Room 32

Fireball: Drop right, through the coins. Break through to the floor through the stone to the right of the Burn @ K-11. Get the Bell at H-12, and make a stone @ D-9 above the left side Burn. Stone under the Sign @ O-8. Cross to the left side along line 7 plugging the holes @ J-7 and F-7. Drop the left Gargoyle. Use fireball on right Gargoyle. Collect the Crane at H-5. Sign at O-7.

No Fireball: Same Path, except after dropping the right side gargoyle, build up over the ghost to Drop the right-side Gargoyle while standing above the Constellation Sign. Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room.

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Scorpio Shrine