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Sagittarius Shrine

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Room 33

Solomon's Key Room 33

No Fireball: Collect a Gold Jewel, than a Crane at O-6, and a Full Jug at H-1. To pass the Sparkling Balls, use the Lock and Key technique. Remove E-5, stand in it’s place and make a Stone at D-6. Next, remove D-5, stand in it’s place and make a stone at C-6. Repeat this until you get to the Key. Bells.
Lock and Key

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Room 34

Solomon's Key Room 34

No Fireball: Immediately collect the full jug. Do not reveal the Red Timer @ G-3. Bells. Wait until the Ghost's clear line 7, and drop through the center. After dropping to the floor, quickly step up two blocks to safely recover the Fairies. This Room is too easy, there has to be something here.

Room 35

Solomon's Key Room 35

Super Fireball: Immediately Butt the stone above you, create stones to your left and right, and launch a Crouching Super Fireball to kill the Vampires. Drop the lower-right Burn to the floor and cover it. Remove the Brown Stone at N-8. Collect the right side coins. Remove all Brown Stones below you (except L-12) in columns J and L. Ladder up to M-7 and drop the Burns to the floor. Make a Brown Stone at J-7 and expose the 1-up at H-6. Plug the Demonsheads at line 5-N and O. Drop to the Brown Stone covering the lower right Burn. Collect the Timer and Stone under the 1-up. Drop the right side Gargoyle. Hop over the Demonsheads at K-2, until the left sides Gargoyles' fireballs are timed so that you can get the Key. Drop the left side Gargoyle. Neither of the Gargoils carry a fairy. A trap stone can be created at H-5.

No Fireball: Is there a Bell here?

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Room 36

Solomon's Key Room 36

No Fireball: Use the Remote Stone Break technique to Drop the Warlocks from the ends of their platforms. Bell. When you get to the top platform, the mirror rate will slow. Red Timer. Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room.

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Sagittarius Shrine