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Libra Shrine

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Room 25

Solomon's Key Room 25

No Fireball: Immediately make a stone to your right and build a staircase to your right, all the way up to the Bell, and to the wall. Perform Remote Stone Break to keep the Demons away from you. Clear coins on the upper right side. Remove the stones below the mirrors. Bell. Full Jug at H-4.

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Room 26

Solomon's Key Room 26

2nd Million

No Fireball: Circle around your starting White Stone platform, collecting the Bells and the Super Fireball. Remove the Column D and L Brown Stones, removing the lower ones first so the Demonheads drop to the floor. Get the key and more Bells right to left. Collect the Crane @ F-1 first so you don't forget it. Half Jug.

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Room 27

Solomon's Key Room 27

No Fireball: All of these Sparkling Balls roll clockwise. After getting the Medicine of Edlem, continue left to the smallest part of the first figure. Block yourself in by placing a stone in the J-10 position. After the first Sparkling Ball has circled for about 5-7 times, Butt the I-9 stone, allow the upper left Sparkling Ball to enter the first figure with the first Sparkling Ball and block them in together. Next, butt H-9 and remove G-11 to allow the lower-left sparkling ball into the Bell's figure. Get the Key. Gold Jewel. 1-Up.

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Room 28

Solomon's Key Room 28

No Fireball: Get the Jug than place a stone under the left side mirror. Release the sparkling ball and trap it to your left side. Remove the Brownstone @ J-8. Collect the Constellation Sign to enter the Hidden Room. Bell. Get the key.

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Libra Shrine