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Gemini Shrine

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Room 9

Solomon's Key Room 9

No Fireball: Offered are two methods you could use to clear this room.

Option 1: Drop and cover the Burn. Drop both Gargoyles. Carefully time a drop down to the Key, and quickly remove the center Brown Stone. Bell. Be careful not to put a stone at H-10 after removing the stone under the key, it will create a trap.

Option 2: Drop and cover the Burn. Butt the Brown Stone at position H-9, beneath Key. Drop both Gargoyles, then get the Key. Using this method, you’ll have to perform the Head Butt In technique to get the Solomon's Seal at J-8.

Room 10

Solomon's Key Room 10

Fireball: You can jump the Goblins, or make a platform above them. Make Stone below the key at O-8 to ruin a trap, drop the Burn and Fan it. Fire Ball the Panel Monster. Stone under the Fireballs, than carefully collect them from the top and replace them with stones. Scroll. Drop the Gargoyle from the end of the platform under the Mirror to recover a Fairy. Prepare to perform your first Star Jump.

No Fireball: Getting the Fairy from the Gargoyle will be very difficult because of the Panel Monster.

Super Fireball: Don’t use a Super Fireball. Or, if you do be careful not to kill the Gargoyle guarding the Scroll, you’ll lose that Fairy.

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Room 11

Solomon's Key Room 11

No Fireball: This is your first chance to practice the Star Jump. We're not sure why this technique is available here. Box-In the fast Sparkling Ball at the position to your right, than the Sparkling Ball that is guarding the Bell. To get key, Block under the Door @ N-12 & to the left of the Door @ L-11. While standing on L-11, reveal the Bell to release the Sparkling Balls and quickly Box-Out from position L-12 to shield Dana from the Sparkling Balls.

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Room 12

Solomon's Key Room 12

No Fireball: Learn to defend against dropping Demons with the Demon Trap and learn how to control their movement by strategically removing overhead stones Learning the Stall technique will make getting the Fairy much easier. Bell at M-7 and B-1. Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room.

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Gemini Shrine