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Capricorn Shrine

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Room 37

Solomon's Key Room 37

Super Fireball: Launch a Super Fireball up the left wall to get a Bell from the top Panel Monster. Half Jug at J-11. Rescue a fairy from the top Panel Monster. Bells at N-5 and 7.

No Fireball: Use the Shield & Stone technique, to make your way up to the Door.
Begin noting how many Fairies you are collecting if you want to try to count the Princess as a 1-Up.

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Room 38

Solomon's Key Room 38

4th Million

Fireball: Fireball the upper Ghost - or...

Super Fireball: Fireball both Ghosts. Get the Scroll. Set the right side mirror, by removing the Brown Stone underneath it than making a stone at O-3. Get the Rabbit at O-9. Get the Bell at B-4. Remove the Brown Stone at D-5 and stone under. Get the Timer at A-9. Drop the four center Burns to the floor and Cover. Make sure Stones are underneath the Fireballs. Remove L-5 and stone under. Drop the remaining right side Gargoyles. Do the same to the left side Gargoyles, and get the Key. By collecting the Rabbits Head you should pass the four million mark.

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Room 39

Solomon's Key Room 39

No Fireball: In this room Dana can again summon Mighty Bomb Jack @ G-5 to help release more Fairies (courtesy Mt. East). Redirect the first Sparkling Ball and jump the second. Build up along the left side of the first Neul path and skip the key. Bell. Switch Jewel. Get MBJ and recover the key.

Fireball: Redirect the first and second Sparkling Balls. Fireball the right side Neul. Trap the remaining Sparkling Balls. Gold Wing.

Super Fireball: Launch a crouching Super Fireball to destroy the Sparkling Balls.

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Room 40

Solomon's Key Room 40

Super Fireball: Immediately fall left, to the Floor. Place a Brown Stone under the lower left Panel Monster's White Stone and launch a Crouching Super Fireball Rescue a fairy from the E-2 Panel Monster. Drop the Gargoyle. Gold Jewel. 1-Up. Bells. If the Constellation Sign doesn't appear use Stone Mirror magic.

Fireball: Fireball the Sparkling Ball.

No Fireball: Immediately, make a shield stone and drop left. Or, Drop left and Box In the Sparkling Ball in the lower left corner.

MirrorMagic: Sometimes the Capricorn Sign will not appear. If this happens - Click your wand on the Mirror of Camirror, and then reveal the Sign. We’re not sure what controls this event? If you find out, let us know.! Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room. Refill your fireballs as this is the last chance to stock-up before room 43.

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Capricorn Shrine