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Cancer Shrine

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Room 13

Solomon's Key Room 13

No Fireball: Offered are two methods you could use to clear this room.

No Fireball: Grab an Explode and get the Solomon's Seal (H-9) form the side. Ratchet up center, Make Stone in center and stand on it, then as Saramandor drops past you make a Stone to your side and repeat. Make the final platform Stone @ H-5, this will be used to cross the gap on your way to the Door. Drop the Goblin on right. Use the Lock and Key technique to get the Gold Jewel, Key, and Bells. To get both Fireballs you’ll have only a few options. You can use a Crouching Remote Remove, than practice the Head Butt In technique. Or, use the Toe Drop technique.

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Room 14

Solomon's Key Room 14

No Fireball: The easiest way to cross the center channel (the H-column) is to perform a Jumping Remote Stone Break. 1-Up at M-3, Bell at M-10.




Room 15

Solomon's Key Room 15

No Fireball: Quickly Butt the left side Brownstone @ B-7 and allow Saramandors to drop through. Gold Wing at K-12, Bells, Explode at M-5. Clear the stone at E-5 and create a Demon Trap @ E-6 to plug the Saramandors. Blue Timer at B-6.

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Room 16

Solomon's Key Room 16

No Fireball: From the start position, as the Sparkling Ball passes, make a Stone above the Brown Stone to your right at I-11 to release the Sparkling Ball. Build upwards to the lower Burn on the left side. Box In the Sparkling Ball on that side. Carefully, drop an upper Burn to the floor. Fall down the center getting the Bell, Sign, and Key, than land on the center White Stone. Head to the right side of the screen. Collect the Constellation Sign to enter the Hidden Room. Collect no more regular fireballs until Room 21.


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Cancer Shrine