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Aries Shrine

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Room 1


No Fireball: This room acquaints you with a number of techniques used throughout the game. Learn to; Clear Stones, Make Stones, Reveal Hidden, Stone Bump, Stone Break, Demon Drop, Rescue Fairy. A lesson taught on this screen is the use of traps, so do not forget to grab the key before dropping down to the door. 2 Bells

Room 2

No Fireball: To defend against the Demonsheads, simply remove the Brown Stone that is directly beneath the Bell (at position H-8), while standing on the White Stone to it's right. Bell.

Room 3

Fireball: The safest way to get the hidden 1-up is to stand underneath its position (at N-4) and make a stone to your left, causing the Sparkling Balls to exit the chamber. Use a Fireball to get past the Goblin. Get the Bell. Perform the Double Demon technique and destroy both Dragons with one Fireball and get an extra Scroll, 1-up, or both.
Destroying the Panel Monster with a Fireball increases the chance that the Goblin will drop a Jar of Magadora.

No Fireball: You’ll have to Jump the Goblin, Demon Drop the Gargoyle, than jump the Goblin again - back to the safe-spot at F-10.

Room 4

No Fireball: Redirect the first Sparkling Ball (the one to the right side of the Key) to the right-side wall, using the Redirect technique. Redirect the Sparkling Ball below the key to the White Stone above the key. Get the Switch and the Key. Get the Bells. Perform a Demon Drop to the Dragon on the upper-right and rescue a hidden Fairy. Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room.

Tue, 2016/05/31 - 10:59pm
Aries Shrine