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How to Backup a PCE CD-ROM

どのようにバックアップするのPCEのCD - ROM

Maybe you simply want to backup your precious CD-ROM or play a disc image instead of your physical CD. Perhaps your disc has been scratched or degraded and is now unplayable. It is possible that the error correction capabilities of your CD rip/burn software can help to preserve your CD games.

PCE or TurboGrafx-16 CD Optical LensePCE/TurboGrafx CDs are in the ISO/WAV format - aka. Mixed Mode, CD-ROM XA, or Mode-2.
Burned CDs can cause premature wear on NEC or TurboTechnologies optical lense hardware, but they will work.The damage occurs to the optical lense and can be replaced by a competent electronics technician.
If you intend to play your backup on NEC hardware, the CD should be of the 650 MB format, burned at 4X speed, and on brand name media. The difficult part is simply finding 4x/650MB media.

General PCE CD Ripping / Create a Data File

I successfully create PCE CD disk images with Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free.
I haven't been able to to properly rip a PCE/TurboGrafx-16 CD on Mac OS X - but I will continue to experiment. On PC I've attempted to use Daemon Tools Lite to create a disk image, but no joy.

  1. Insert your 'master' PCE CD-ROM, and start Ashampoo.
  2. Select 'Create a Disc Image from CD'.
  3. Select 'BIN / CUE format'.

PCE or TurboGrafx-16 CD Optical LenseAnother PC option for PCE/TurboGrafx/TurboDuo CD Game ripping is TurboRip. TurboRip is a CD-ROM ripper specifically for PCE/TurboGrafx/TurboDuo CD games! It includes the PCE CD TOC (Table Of Contents) database! It’s Command Line, but it’s easy - Hey, I was raised on a Mac!
The result of the rip is a named folder containing proper; WAVs, the ISO, a CUE, and the TOC file! Shazam! You now have all of the assets you need to produce a backup seedy-rom.

Now What Should I Do?

On PC you can create a virtual drive with Daemon Tools. You can load your disk image file into the virtual drive and play your game right from your hard drive, without loading a disc. This is the best way to go, I think.

You can also burn your disc image to a physical Audio CD if you want to burn a backup, so you don't risk damaging your master CD, which is what you will likely do if you are on Mac OS X.

How To Burn a PCE/TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM

General Ripping Info

There are other formats you can rip to, other than Bin/Cue. You can also rip to ISO. Unlike Bin/Cue, an ISO is one single file, which is nice.
Naturally, you should try to avoid ripping to proprietary disk image formats such as NRG, or MDX.

Disk Copy with DAO: Disc At Once

Another option, if you have two CD drives, is to simply perform a Disk Copy. With two DAO compatible burners and DAO compatible software, you’ll likely find that simply copying the disc is the best choice for creating a backup of your precious TG-16/PCE CD-ROM. To repeat - brand name 650 MB media at 4x speed!

Mac Users

On a Mac you can create a virtual drive with Disk Utility tool. However, Magic Engine for Mac isn’t natively capable of playing a mounted image CD game.
I suspect that a successful rip will be to either the ISO 9660 or Custom Hybrid formats.
There is a discussion on Magic Engine's forum that describes a process for playing disc images on OS X, but I haven't tried it yet.

Generally, Macs will create a .DMG or an .IMG file as a disk image. To make the image PC compatibe it should be in the .ISO format. You can convert the file format using Disk Utility tool under Applications/Utilities.
Open the Mac image file by clicking on Images/Convert, than choose CD/DVD Master with a .CDR file extension. After the conversion is complete, rename the file extension from .CDR to .ISO.

Random Notes


My goal is to rip the cd and burn to a CD-R for play on an Evo-X X-Box, via MednafenX. The original CD plays fine, but I'd rather not use the original CD. My Nero rip/burned CD works fine in MagicEngine, but not on the X-Box.


*This guide is incomplete and we can use your help. If you see errors in these instructions or know how to make them more complete, we would appreciate your input. Please contact us here.

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How to Backup a PCE CD-ROM