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QuickTime MIDI Noise

Why do I hear noise or static at the beginning of a MIDI composition?

Occasionally you may hear static or a harsh noise on a PC when playing a MIDI program in QuickTime or in a browser using a QuickTime plugin, or at the beginning of a QuickTime MIDI song. This is the result of a bug in QuickTime 6.x and can be fixed by changing the MIDI settings in QuickTime.

*Note that this fix changes the soundbank to one that might not be preferable in a MIDI authoring environment.

Open QuickTime by going to Start > All Programs > QuickTime > QuickTime Player

Go to Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences.qt

In the QuickTime Settings window go to the top drop-down menu and select Music.qt

In Music settings choose General MIDI.

Click the X in the upper right corner to close the settings window.

Close the QuickTime player.

Restart your browser.

Thu, 2014/05/29 - 12:58am
QuickTime MIDI Noise