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V-Note's Chronicle and V-Note's Online

It's about preservation, creating greater works inspired by video games. I'd describe the site as a boutique site - small, niche. It's a resource for gamers. It harkens back to an age when 'gaming' wasn't even a thing. It wasn't 'cool' to be a 'gamer' because their was no such thing as a gamer. You were just some dude that dug on Shinobi. The site's intent is to capture the spirit of these games and present them in a way that the kids can appreciate them.


Site v.1.0

2003: The original starter subdomain on NL. It was a white space design, dark text on light background, table-based. Just a few pages, very simple. The slogan was Details of Video Game History. V-Note's existed before this time, as I had been copyrighting materials under the name as early as 1996.

Site v.2.0

2006: The redesign that established the site. This was when the concept of printable maps came in, and the site name. I wanted to do a series of maps called The Qeynos Chronicle, like an old tyme newspaper. I did 1 or 2 page maps for each zone. This concept was ultimately brainstormed into V-Note's Chronicle. V-Note is a nickname, it doesn't mean video game notes. The design was also dark on light. Div based. It did pretty well, regarding traffic. Ran the site for many years. I lost the domain. It took nearly 5 years to get it back. In the meantime...

Site v.3.0

2010: The Vnotes Online - light on dark design. Online was the replacement to Chronicle. It was a quick build, a sort of emergency repair. I was into it, but it was not an ideal situation. Some of the passion was lost. Let's call this the dark times. Online only ever built up traffic back to 50% of Chronicle. All of this was very ungood. To see something become worse, all while having to duplicate efforts.

Site v.4.3

2014.6.23: The site you are viewing right now. It took 3 months to build, but it was based on a prototype that was almost 3 years old. Initially, I started this build as a v.3.x, to upgrade the existing theme, but after thinking and evaluating I decided to go back through all of the iterations and assets, pick out the good stuff. Back to dark on light. Feels more open, inviting, fun.


Nothing lasts. That's a phrase I take from the movie Michael. I think they were referring to Mesopotamia, in the movie. Anyway, that phrase kept occurring to me as I did this build - nothing lasts. I added a feature called Companies, where instead of doing direct link-outs, external links would link to a company page for that entity, whether it be a large software company or whatever. In adding all of these links It occurred to me that I was largely taking an account of the life and death of video game companies. Web sites too. It happened to me. Also, some of the other shrine sites have gone away since the last build. It's a little sad, these are the tiny gems of the internet, if I may say. These things don't last. These are ambitious projects by small groups. They get together, they make a thing, they disband.

Hopefully, we'll be able to recover and exceed the interest we had back in version 2. Get rid of this nothing lasts attitude. My goal is to, by the end of the year, exceed the old benchmarks.
In the meantime we'll continue adding all of the content that we neglected over the past few years, and all should be well. Stay tuned!

Sun, 2015/05/03 - 10:25am
About Us